Cell Groups

What is a Cell Group?

A cell group consists of generally 5 to 15 believers meeting in homes together weekly for the purpose of experiencing and ministering Jesus to one anther. It is not a Bible study, though the Scriptures are discussed by cell members and applied to their lives. It is not a worship service, though worship happens within the cell group context. It is not a prayer meeting, though prayer ministry is an integral part of the cell group gathering. It is not a support group, though cell members experience tremendous support through the cell group. It is not a problem solving group, though Jesus solves problems and meets needs in the cell group. It is primarily a community, a family. It is a community in which Jesus' presence, power and purpose are experienced on a weekly basis.

Why the Term "CELL GROUP"?

Because the term "cell group" communicates that just as the human body is made up of individual cells that grow and multiply and together make up a healthy, growing body, so the church as the body of Christ is made up of "cells" of small groups which grow and multiply contributing health and vitality to the whole body of Christ.

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